Summer workout
Golden Boss
Pussy Money Weed

Must Smoke.

Smokes up
Weed smoke always blazing

I Hate fucking Liars, and I Hate how easy it is for you to Lie to me

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Goldendimond’s Spiky Heart bowl
Goldendimond’s Spiky sparkle Heart bowl

circles-are-conceited asked:

I typed in happy in the space and i pressed enter, saw and clicked on your blog and OMG YOURE NAME IS SAGE!? Thats my name too! ^_^ I've never met someone else with my name ^_^ AND you live in New York like me as well! This is flippin awesome ^_^


That’s sick! I’ve never met anyone with my name too I’ve met a couple spelt saige but it’s not the same lol :)

lostinaseaofsighs asked:

HI SAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heeyyy Kimi :)